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Dr. Podwojski, Dr. Gina Keelen, Novato Chiropractor


Paul earned his Bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of California at Davis and his Doctorate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic, West.  Being an athlete from an early age he personally understands the physical demands that can encumber the body.  His goal is not only to get people well, but to help them stay well by encouraging a proactive approach toward a healthy lifestyle.

After nearly 20 years servicing Marin residents, Paul has a centered practice that works with children and adults of all ages. He uses a combination of gentle chiropractic adjustments to ensure each patient has a comfortable but effective response to care.


He is only certified chiropractor in Marin County to offer a highly specific, research based technique called Chiropractic Biophysics.  Paul assists his patients in attaining health through detailed diagnostics, chiropractic adjustments and specific postural correction procedures that not only release misalignments of the spinal joints but assist in restoring the spines curves and integrity.  His goal is to provide evidence-based education and quality care to his patients and the community.

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"Dr. Paul has been taking care of me for several months now and with every treatment I continue to improve and feel and sleep and move so much better. Dr. Paul is treating multiple areas of my neck, back, both shoulders and both hips. I sustained an injury that required major surgery and I never was able to receive the time and energy and quality care and therapies post injury and post op, that I receive at Dr. Paul’s. People that know me and the severe and debilitating amount of pain I’ve been living in for years and how poorly I moved and walked and slept, have noticed a difference in me now. Thanks to Dr. Paul’s care, I’m enjoying activities again that I have be unable to participate in for years, and my overall health and wellness has improved immensely. Thank you Dr.Paul and staff for always being so professional, kind, compassionate, helpful and for actually taking the time to really listen to me and address my all my healthcare needs."

~ Lisa P.

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"I've been receiving regular to semi-regular chiropractic care for almost twenty years and during that time have seen many chiropractors - both as a regular patient and once or twice while on vacation or when my regular doctor was away.  As a physical therapist myself, I have high standards for my healthcare.  I saw Dr Keelen for 3 years when I was working nearby at Kentfield Rehab.   She is by far the most talented DC I've seen, before or since.  I hold a lot of tension in my mid back, and many chiropractors have had difficulty obtaining regular motion in my T5-T6 region.  Not Gina - she was able to get a great adjustment every time and was incredibly gentle getting there.  She's smart, resourceful, kind and friendly.  She has my highest recommendations."

- Ziadee C. – Physical Therapist

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I have been a patient for many years. I trust Dr Podwojski. He is an amazing chiropractor and a genuinely nice person. I have a physically demanding job and he keeps me moving. I always feel better when I leave his office. The staff is professional and friendly too!

- Jennifer Dole

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"I began seeing Dr. Keelen for migraine headaches which debilitated me 1-2 times per week. I had been through all the medical tests, MRI, CT scans etc. and was told there was "nothing wrong". I had given up and was taking a prescription drug several times a week for the headaches when a friend referred me to Gina. Since receiving care I have periods of 9 months or more symptom free from my headaches. When they do occur they are less intense and last hours instead of days. I am so thankful for Dr. Keelen, she is one of the most honest and ethical doctors I have dealt with and i have a high level of trust in her. She uses gentle adjustments and natural remedies which I also appreciate."

- Dana R. - Biologist

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